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                                  the original "StickTarzan" by Mem Shannon    




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Leslie Blackshear Smith, New Orleans

Hey Mem! Iā€™m in London, talking about you and wanted you to know! Hope to see you/hear you soon

Don O., Dallas, Texas

Hey Mem, Long time no see. Until last Tuesday when I saw ya on TV. Congrats! Come see us in Texas some time. No Mustang Sally!

Paul Farley, Columbus Ohio

I was in New Orleans a couple weeks ago and caught your show. If you are ever in Ohio I will come to your performance. I would love to have some of your music on vinyl.

Krickett, Baton Rouge

Are you playing tomorrow night (Friday) in New Orleans?

Owen Scott, III, Baton Rouge, LA

Great hearing you at Teddy's Juke Joint last night. You and the band rocked the house with some of the tightest funk blues I've heard in a long time. It was impossible to sit still with that going down!

David, West Virginia

Really enjoyed seeing Mem with his drummer and bass player this week at Bamboula's. It really made our whole trip to listen to some beautiful New Orleans blues! Amazing skill on the guitar - a joy to hear and to watch.

Herbert, Bremen, Germany

Hello Mr. Shannon! Here writes one of your fans from Bremen / Germany. So I'm still very happy, that I had the chance to get during my New Orleans vacation in October private lessons. Really awesome. Now it's time to practice more and hear blues and experience. We have here in Bremen a very nice Blues Club "Meisenfrei", where many blues players can be heard from the United States. If you play here in Bremen, I have for you always an apartment free. Wellcomme(smile2)

marty mcmenamin, Washington State

FYI, Amazon and itunes are selling your album Im from Phunkville with a damaged song "I'm from Phunkville. When the song plays there is a dead spot at 5:33 to 5:30. Annoying! Just letting you know. It bumm's me out not hearing this great song the way it should be!

Tom, Orange County, California

Hey Mem, I was in NOL last Christmas visiting my girlfriends family. Happened to catch your set at Bamboula's in the quarter. I had a great time. I went on to buy all your albums (CDs). Love your music Mem!!! Keep it up!!! I know OC California is probably the last place you would hear from a fan but we are everywhere. I turned a friend on to your music and lyrics and he didn't want to get out of the car. This is an Italian boy from New York. I'm a white Mid-western boy from Ohio. Your music touches a chord in all humans. Come out to California if you can. If you don't... please let everyone (me) know when and where you will be playing so I don't miss your show. Especially in NOL. I go almost every year and I don't want to miss your show!!! Best wishes and good health to you and the sax player!!!

david, metairie

would love some lessons from you 3096027 after 330 please thank you

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